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An invitation to clergy and their spouses within the Regional Synods of Albany, Mid-Atlantics, and New York (Active and Retired)


OCTOBER 18, 2017

From the Freedom in Ministry Coordinator:

Dear Colleagues,

If you have spent any time in ministry at all, you are familiar with conflict. Pastors intentionally step into the messiness of humanity with the love and grace of God, and that messiness kicks back. With that truth established, this year at Freedom in Ministry weʼre addressing “Conflict Overflow.” How do we prevent the messiness of ministry (the hurts, the betrayals, the emotional turmoil) from overflowing into our lives outside of ministry? This conflict “overflow” has potential to hurt all our relationships (spouses, children, partners, neighbors, family, and friends). Are there tools or practices that all people in ministry should be practicing? What signs can we see that conflict is overflowing in our lives? Our educational program at Freedom in Ministry will be led by Dr. Andrew T. Mercurio (D. Min.) who is a professor of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Program at Nyack College. We believe addressing these issues of conflict and conflict overflow will lead to healthier ministers, families, and churches. Freedom in Ministry is centered on Worship with Friday hymn sings and Sunday morning communion – this year our worship leader will be the Rev. Dr. Renee House of Old Dutch Church, Kingston, New York – Rest and Renewal with Saturday afternoon fire side chats, conversations around dining tables and talent sharing; and Discovery with an educational component for ministers and their spouses/partners. This is a unique event and a treasured weekend. Come discover Freedom in Ministry. Below you will find a registration form to fill out for the weekend. We invite you to return it no later than Friday, December 1st, to reserve your spot. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at (201) 321-1764. This is a great weekend of learning, renewal, relationship building, worship, singing, talent sharing, and relaxation. Any one of these gifts is a rare treasure in ministry. At Freedom in Ministry, all of them are offered.

Rev. Rodney Haveman, FIM Coordinator

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